Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18

waiting at the vet’s
sasha’s first chemo
daffodils bloom


  1. Beautifully poignant. Hope all went well.

  2. Thanks for your kind wishes. It was a long day for both of us--I wouldn't leave her to go through this on her own, and so in between sessions (she got two different treatments), I was with her, and during the treatments, I was in the waiting room sending her positive energy. So far, she is doing wonderfully and you'd never know what we both went through yesterday. Hopefully that will continue and if it does, she will be getting 3 more such treatments which will raise her chances of living from 10% to 60-70% so as long as she has no major side effects, this seems a good route to go. She is certainly working her way into a lot of hearts, not just mine, where she is firmly entrenched!

  3. Daphne - I'm so sorry -I did indeed forget to bookmark your site - my apologies. Am delighted to hear all went well! - it is tough when our pets get ill - we feel so helpless...

  4. No problem and yes, overall it went well and next Friday we are to do the second round. I think the dosage will be lessened as she had a non-eating week after the first round and lost 1/2 lb., and there is also a different anti-nausea med that we'll use, so Sasha and I are hoping it will be a bit easier on her and yes, nothing worse than sick pets (or small children) as they don't articulate and can't say what they want and it does make me feel very helpless! Again, thanks for stopping by!